March Empties

Brace yourselves, kids. This post is going to be a LONG one. Blame quarantine, blame the crazy see-saw weather, but I have been using up a ton of products lately so I’m excited to share them with you guys. You’ll notice a bit of a trend [ahem, moisturizers], but I want to break down what all I’ve used up and what I thought about each product. Let’s jump in:

Garnier Pure Clean Dry Shampoo – I LOVE this dry shampoo! It is super clean smelling, does a great job absorbing oil, and whatever white cast it does leave brushes out super easily. I definitely recommend this as an affordable but efficient dry shampoo. I’m actually currently on my second bottle of it now!

Le Labo Santal body lotion I got this sample during my stay at The Robey, and just like the body wash, I ADORE this product. The smell is unparalleled. It is pricey though, but divine.

Derma E Collagen Moisturizer c/o I got this in PR and absolutely love it. It left my skin feeling super hydrated and didn’t irritate or break me out. I will definitely repurchase this one I work through some other moisturizers. It’s really thick and feels so nice going on the skin. If you’re oily, it may be too much for you, but if you’re dry/combo I’d recommend giving this a go.

Derma E Night Cream c/o – This was another gem I received in PR that I loved. It was so soothing and hydrated. It smelled amazing and I woke up feeling so refreshed. This was a great step before bedtime. Derma E does it again!

SOLIMO Nighttime Bubble Bath – I got this on a whim for Dillon and we really like it! It’s super affordable and makes lot of bubbles. It’s perfect for your toddlers nightly baths.

REN Body Serum I bought this on recommendation from Grace, and I am OBSESSED. It smells incredible [like the pink freeze pop IMO] and feels so good on. I swear it has removed those tiny red bumps I’ve had on my upper arms. I never thought I’d see those go away. It’s pricey but I bought this back in November, so you’d likely only need to purchase twice a year. This is a definite winner.

Carol’s Daughter Ocean Flowers Body Wash This smells divine and leaves me feeling so soft and nourished. It’s very affordable and a great, clean body wash option. It smells great, too, and transports me to the beach!

Bubble PODZ We had bought these during a bout of Dillon’s eczema flaring up, and I swear it toned it down! They’re pricey so we reserved them for when he really needed it, but he loved all the bubbles and it did help his skin tremendously. If you have littles with troublesome skin, give these a go.

HUM Uber Energy supplements – I bought these on a whim at an attempt to give myself a boost and I actually loved these and did notice a difference! I love that it’s an adrenal adaptogen so you don’t get a crash, but instead a consistent boost throughout the day. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C, which is great for the immune system. I will definitely repurchase these.

Repeat empties: Garnier masks // Vichy aluminum-free deodorant // Urban Decay Naked Concealer // Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Hand Cream // L’Oreal Infallible Pro Setting Spray

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