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My 10 Favorite Forms of Self-Care

Good morning! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to unwind and show some love to me, myself, and I. These last few months have no doubt been turbulent, uncertain, scary, and often times draining, so I’ve had to make sure to carve out some time to check in with how I’m doing balancing parenthood, my marriage, working, and everything else that is important in my life. These are a few things that I prioritize when I realize I need a bit of “me time”.

Starting a new book is a guaranteed way to de-stress and transport to a different world. Check out all my book reviews here.

Grabbing fresh flowers always seems to perk up my mood.

Pouring myself a beverage is a great way to unwind or just center myself before starting a new task/day. Depending on the time, I love to get my greens in; either a green smoothie or green tea in the morning or green grapes at night always hits the spot.

I love diffusing oils to bring some peace and calm to the room. See some of my favorites in this post.

Doing an elaborate skincare routine is one of my favorite ways to kill a few minutes alone I get. A nice face mask followed by a rich layer of night cream creates the perfect set up for a good nights rest.

Much like skincare, another beauty routine I love to do to pamper myself is paint my nails. Especially since quarantine began, I’m not comfortable going to a nail salon, so I perfected the art of doing my fingernails at home. Toes are another story, but it’s still a great way to clear out the noise around you and just focus on one thing.

One way I love to de-stress is by rearranging furniture/decor to create a calming space. Hues of blues, greens, and white always seem to center me as they remind me of the ocean.

Sending some snail mail is a great way to relax, center, and be reminded of how many people you have that you love. Not only will they be excited to get a card from you, I also feel the positive benefits of spreading some love. It’s a win-win. If hand-writing cards isn’t your thing, pick up the phone and call a friend/family! That does the trick, too.

Treating myself to coffee is something I so very rarely do, but when I do, it’s such a nice treat. Even juts getting out of the house for a solo drive to go through the Starbucks drive-thru is enough to reignite my soul for the day! Again, I hardly ever do this, so when I do, it definitely counts as self-care.

Browsing Pinterest is a great form of self-care for me because I often finds it fuels my creativity. While finding new recipes or workouts to try is great, I mostly love finding beauty, home, or fashion inspirations to help drive me to be more intentional with my own looks/aesthetic in the future.

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So there you have it! Ten different go-to ways I check in with myself and give my soul some new life. It’s so important as women [especially us moms] that we give time to fuel our own desires. You can’t pour from an empty cup! While I realize none of these are revolutionary, they are just tried and true things that work for me personally. I hope you found some inspiration here, and at the very least were inspired to carve out some time for yourself today. You deserve it!

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