My Fall Bucket List

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Hi friends! It rained all weekend so shooting outfits was not in the cards. I asked on my instastories what you guys wanted to see instead, and a resounding number of y’all wanted to see what’s on our bucket list for this fall season! While I try to pretend that I don’t love fall because I just love summer so much, I really do love when the temps cool down and the holidays come upon us. I’ve thought hard about all the things I want to spend my time doing this season and these are the ones that stood out to me:


1.) Go to a pumpkin patch – We did this last year and had such a blast. I want D to take a train ride through the corn fields, too!

2.) Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters – I absolutely love seeing everyone’s costumes and seeing the pure joy on children’s faces upon receiving a handful of sweets.

3.) Attend a costume party – Halloween is the one time of year that I’ll go all-out to dress up to match a theme. I’m welcome to any ideas on what I should be this year!

4.) Host a s’mores party around our fire pit – We had our fire pit built two years ago and haven’t used it as much as we’d like to. I’d love to cuddle up next to it with friends and family and make some good ol’ fashioned smores!

5.) Tailgate a football game – We used to do this all the time pre-kids, and I would love to get back out there to tailgate for a Bengals game!

6.) Watch a classic horror movie – Mike is a huge horror movie buff, so *maybe* I’ll finally give in and watch IT with him!

7.) Spend the day at a brewery and try a new fall beer – We love hanging out in one of the many [spacious] breweries that Cincinnati has to offer and I love a good, flavorful fall brew. Pumpkin beers are my favorite and I aim to try at least one new one this year!

8.) Take a drive to see some fall foliage – Kentucky has some absolutely beautiful scenery in the fall and I love driving through the rolling hills and taking in all the gorgeous colors and textures.

9.) Make a new pumpkin recipe – As I mentioned above, I absolutely love pumpkin flavored everything [I know, basic]. I have my eye on whipping up this or this.

10.) Stock up on fall candles – I took a little candle break this summer [and opted for diffusing essential oils instead], mostly because it was becoming a very costly obsession, but there’s something so warm and cozy about a flickering wick for a background aesthetic. Again, who can resist the home-y scents that come out this time of year?! I have a feeling I will constantly have fall candles burning this season.


So, there you have it. Ten things I want to do with my family this fall season. What do you guys love to do when it gets chilly and a new season is upon us?!


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