At-Home Workouts That Are Quick + Effective

Good morning guys! I thought now was the perfect time to share this given that we’re in MO and I’ve been working out at our house [and really all of quaratine]. This was a huge request from you guys so here are examples of my favorite at-home options for the types of workouts I do.

ZUMBAThis channel on Amazon has great Zumba videos.

ARM/CORE DAY – For strength training at home, I usually either find a workout on Pinterest or use PopSugar Fitness on Youtube. This workout from PSFit was AMAZING. I also recently did this video and WOW. It is a doozy. I definitely recommend that one.

LEG/BOOTY DAY – I always have really good luck finding leg day workouts on Pinterest. This one is once I’ve repeated so many times and always feel the burn. I do both circuits as instructed and just use dumbbells instead of the bar where needed.

BACK/CHEST DAY – This is another one I usually can score on Pinterest. This one definitely burns because of the long rep sets.

HIIT/Tabata – Enter PSFit again. Ranier is one of my favorite instructors on the channel and this 30 minute workout really does torch calories like no other.

I hope this helps and proves you don’t need a big fancy gym to get fit! If you like this kind of post, I can do another round of it with other options for each type of workout. Also, don’t underestimate a good long walk or hike! You can check out other at-home options in this post.

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