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My Favorite Home Fragrances

This is another hot topic I’ve had with friends lately. I had touched on it in this post, but in recent years, I’ve really scaled back my candle burning occasions. I’ve read so much about how so many candle brands, especially cheaper ones, have so many toxic ingredients that our families end up breathing in. Now, I’m not perfect. I still burn the occasional candle if I’ve been given one as a gift, and there’s definitely something to be said about the cozy vibes candles give off around the holidays. But, overall, I try to find other alternatives for making my home smell amazing.

Room Sprays: These are an easy way to spread some fragrance around the home. Diptyque makes a super luxurious one that lasts a long time and covers a ton of area.

Essential Oils: This is my tried and true go-to. I pretty much am always diffusing oils in our kitchen and in my office. Definitely do your own research on this, but it has become my preferred method for fragrance in my home. I just got these for an affordable and festive blend.

Reed Diffusers: These are another option that I love and are hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about blowing these out or unplugging them, and they make for some pretty chic decor. Antica Farmacista and Nest are my favorite brands for these, though Voluspa is another nice option.

Wall plug-ins: These are a bit controversial. You could probably argue that these are just as bad as candles, however I feel like since they’re not burning, they’ve got to be a bit better. These are also likely the most affordable option of the bunch, as even Glade makes a great product here.

Detergent: This one may get overlooked, however I love washing my cozy blankets and linens in detergent like the Le Labo one from Laundress. The scent really fills the room even just from the blankets and few things feel better than snuggling into a soft blanket that smells incredible.

I hope that gave you some ideas on how to get the fragrance benefit of candles without burning through multiple jars a month. These would all also make great gifts for a hostess, friend, teacher, or neighbor!

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