My Updated Morning + Nighttime Skincare Routine

While on quarantine, my girlfriends and I have been trading a bunch of skincare intel back and forth, and it inspired me to update you guys on my current routine. I last shared my full routine last year, and then an updated nighttime one not even a few months ago, but this is what I’m doing as of today and my skin is honestly thriving. Not wearing makeup so much while staying home is definitely helping, but these products are the real MVP. Because the Sephora Sale is open to everyone starting tomorrow [where you can save 10%+ off your purchase with code SPRINGSAVE], I figured now is a great time to share this so you can stock up and save. So many of my holy-grail skincare products can be found at Sephora. Let’s dive in.


If I’ve had a long night or am feeling extra tired, I’ll start my day off with these under eye gel patches while I have my coffee. Then, I start by cleansing my skin in the shower. Once I’m freshly out, I pump 3 drops of my favorite vitamin C serum and press that into my face all over. After that, I dab my eye cream [using the tip of my middle finger] under my eyes. I let that sink in while I get dressed, and finish with 2 drops facial oil + 1 dollop of vitamin c moisturizer + 1 pump of d-bronzi and apply that all over my face. From there, I can begin my makeup, or go as is! The last step gives an amazing glow, so I’m fine to go makeup-free.

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I always start by removing my makeup with these magic cloths. I did a little tutorial under the BEAUTY BITS highlight on my IG Stories, but believe me, they’re amazing. Then, I take 3 drops of the Midnight Recovery Serum and press that into my face all over. I then dab some of the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream under my eyes. As a final step, I take a dollop of the Sleeping Mask and press that into my skin. Finally, right before bed, I apply some lip mask and hit the hay. I always sleep with this pillowcase. I wake up totally refreshed, glowing, and ready for the day.

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Beyond that, I definitely love to treat myself to a mask every now and then, so I’ll link my favorites here:

So, there you have it. It’s realistic for my everyday life and it’s working. You can see that I’ve definitely kept some products consistent over the years, but have also brought in a few newbies that pass my skincare test. I hope this was helpful!

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