Nighttime Skincare Routine – Winter Edition

As a follow-up to this post [which I can’t believe is a year old already], I wanted to share what I’m currently using for my skin before bed as we start to enter the cold winter months. Some of these are old favorites and some are new entries, but I swear my skin has never been better! I do each of these steps [and leave a minute or two in between to let the products really sink in] and then I sleep on a Slip pillowcase.

1.) Wash my face with the miracle towels.

2.) I use this Glyolic overnight treatment every other night. I talk about that product more in this post.

3.) Every night, I slather on this concentrate [which, if you’re new here, is my #1 skincare product of all time]

4.) After that, I always put on eye cream gently by patting in with my ring finger all on my under eyes [either the Midnight Recovery, or this one if I want a bit more hydration]

5.) Next is an overnight mask, which I’m currently alternating between this one from laneige and this one from Summer Fridays

6.) I finish with a heavy application of the Laniege lip treatment and some hand cream then hit the hay!

What’s your nighttime skincare routine like? Does it include any of these products?! Let me know if you think there’s something I’d like and should try!

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