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NSale Wishlist

I cannot believe we’re already back here, but it’s almost Nsale time! I know SO many of you are beyond over caring about this sale [and I get it!], but there are a good handful of you still shopping this year, so I figured I’d share my wishlist now. I say this every year, but I know this looks excessive; I promise I’m not keeping all of it! Historically [yes, I keep a spreadsheet year over year because I am who I am], I only keep 50-60% of what I order. This sale is great for stocking up on basics [I see a ton of things I already own are back this year, like this jacket, these leggings, my holy-grail skincare serum, these jeans [I’m wearing these in the cover photo], and this bra] so I’m focusing more on some shoes, sweaters, and dresses this year. Let me know if you have anything specific you’re looking for! I’m an Influencer status [which I think is so dumb they call it that!] so I will be shopping on July 16. I’ll do live try-ons on my Instagram stories once my items arrive so be sure to follow me there. The BEST thing they’ve done is the new Wishlist feature which allows you to put all your items you want in a “cart” and just checkout immediately when you’re able. I remember the days when I had to wake up at 3am to shop and frantically check out to get my stuff before things sold out! This allows you to curate your collection ahead of time. So go ahead and add to that wish list! Happy shopping!

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