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Our Current Schedule during COVID-19

Hello! I hope everyone is keeping safe, well, and INDOORS! Now that we’re 1.5 weeks into this new “normal” of full-time working from home + full-time parenting [for us anyway], I thought I’d share what schedule we’re following [and I say following loosely, as every day seems to be a bit different]. I feel like last week was a trial run where no one knew what was going on, a bottle of wine was being drank every night, and each day alternated between panic and anxiety. Now that we’re going on halfway of week two, I feel like I’ve had a minute to breathe, center myself, re-direct, slow down the wine flow, and figure out a routine that keeps all 3 of us [somewhat] sane. Of course I’m going to give the disclaimer that every family is different and you need to find what works for you. If that means 5 hours of screen time a day for your kids, FINE! If that means you wake up an hour before everyone else to workout alone [I recommend trying one of these out], GREAT! This is survival mode and there is no right way to do any of this.

630AM – 7AM: We all wake up and come downstairs.

7AM – 730AM: Dillon has his breakfast + vitamins [we give him these + these every morning] and Mike and I prep and start our coffee.

730AM – 9AM: Dillon gets educational screen time [something like Blue Planet or Team Umizoomi] while Mike and I start off our workdays. Dillon will often play with a puzzle or something while he’s watching, but if he just straight watches, we’re OK with that too. Sometimes this is when Mike and I will sneak in an at-home workout [that I’m always sharing on my SWEAT highlight on Instagram].

9AM – 11AM: Mike and I alternate doing free play and/or morning movement with him. Depending on our workload, one of us will play with him or take him on a walk or kick around the soccer ball in the backyard. We then switch as need be. He’s pretty good at independent play at this age [he just turned 3.5] so if we’re lucky in those 2 hours we’ll get 30-60 minutes where he’s playing by himself and we can sit back. We also try to use this time block to incorporate something educational into the routine, like working on his flash cards, doing a matching game/puzzle, or working on letters in his coloring books or puzzle.

11AM – 1130AM: Prep and make lunch for him [and usually us too] and Dillon can eat.

1130AM – 2PM: Dillon goes up for quiet/nap time and Mike and I can have time to eat and crank through as much real work + house work as we can. We are super blessed that he’s been sleeping and napping great through all of this. He’ll usually go up and we can hear him jumping around for 20 or 30 minutes until he falls asleep. This is the most productive time of day for Mike and I and we definitely take full advantage of it.

2PM – 5PM: After nap, Dillon will get a snack and take a few minutes to fully wake up. We use this time for free play / family walk / outside play / reading. Again, based on our work schedules, Mike and I will tap in and out alternating caring for Dillon, but if our work schedules allow for it, this is where we’ll bake in our family walk/hike and it’s honestly one of our favorite times of day. I don’t get too hard on myself if I don’t get too much work done during this time, because I know I’ll have time after he’s in bed for the night, and that has been really freeing for me.

5PM – 530PM: Prep and make dinner for all 3 of us. We’ve always eaten really early as a family, so this didn’t change much for us. Dillon loves helping in the kitchen so we get him involved as much as possible.

530PM – 545PM: Bathtime for Dillon. He has always gotten daily baths and it’s just part of his routine, so we’re sticking to it.

545PM – 7PM: Family movie time. This is when we all relax and wind down together. If need be, Mike and I can both get some work done during this time while Dillon watches something fun [usually on Disney+]

7PM – 730PM: Dillon’s bedtime routine. This is when we take him up to his room, read books, sing songs, and say goodnight.

730PM – 10PM: This is time for Mike and I to do what we need to do. Whether that’s spend time together, FaceTime friends/family, get more work done, me work on the blog, or whatever that day brings, this is time we know we have to spend. Again, we’re super blessed that Dillon has a consistent nap and sleep schedule, which helps a lot.

So, there you go! That’s been a routine that’s working well for us amidst all this chaos. I am super Type A / enneagram 3 / perfectionist who thrives on order and structure, so figuring out this time-blocked schedule has been huge for my mental health. Again, not everyday looks like structured, but having this as a back bone helps me to figure out what my day will look like. Be sure to check out this post to see what products have been essential for our daily lives. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone is finding their own routine that’s working for them and their families!

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