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Our Powder Room Refresh!

This is a super random project that came to life super fast. Since we had moved in, we had basically kept all original mirrors, lighting, and hardware, and I’ve slowly been chipping away at replacing those this year. Since we’re spending so much time at home now, I have been pouring some time and money [not sweat, I pay for that LOL] into making this house truly our home. I had texted our contractor a few weeks back asking if he’d have any availability to redo our main floor powder room [half expecting he’d say he needed 6-8 weeks to fit me in] and he immediately responded he could get going in the next week or two! In a way, it was good, because it forced me to make some quick decisions and trust our gut. Our basement bathroom walls are navy with marble flooring and I love how a bold color on the walls looks. I asked Mike how he felt about green and he [begrudgingly] said yes! So, off I went down a design hole. I, of course, wanted to incorporate black and gold [hello, have you seen my office and our bedroom!?]. I actually ordered practically everything off Amazon and I love how it came out! With EVERYTHING I ordered, plus the labor and paint, the whole project came out to under $800, which considering I’ve seen just mirrors go for that and more, I think it was a nice little refresh to a room that gets arguably the most action in our house!


As you can see, this was VERY basic with no storage/space for decor, and it was crying for some personality.


So, there you have it! The room itself is very small with some odd proportions/walls/spacing, so I think we did the best job of utilizing the space we could. The paint color is a custom Sherwin-Williams mixed, but it’s based off Four Leaf Clover by Valspar. Without a window, this room can get pretty dark, so we wanted a brighter paint.

Mirror // Light Fixture // Light Bulbs // Faucet // Toilet Paper Roll Holder // Similar Gold Toiler Paper Stand // Similar Abstract Art // Plant // Reed Diffuser // Towel Hooks // Hand Towels // Floating Shelves // Soap Dispenser // Similar Lotus Tealight Holder // Similar Pisa Object

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