My Protein-Packed Ramen Recipe

Last weekend I shared on my Instagram Stories that I perfected my protein-packed ramen recipe and SO many of you said you wanted to see it! It is so easy to whip up [less than 5 minutes once the water is boiling] and you can really customize it however you want! Here’s what I did:

— 1 packet of Ramen noodles [I like Chings because the macros/sodium are way better than Top Ramen but you do you; just note that the macros I list out below are based on using Chings]

— 1 cup of spinach [can also use a spinach/kale mix]

— 2 scoops of protein [I use my trusty Vital Proteins; see more ways I use that here]

— 1 TBSP of Teriyaki sauce [you can also use a low sodium soy; I prefer teriyaki for a bit more flavor]

— 1 egg

Now, for what I do. I put 1 cup of water and the noodle cake into my Always Pan and bring it to boil. Once it starts bubbling, I add the scoops of protein and 1/2 the flavor packet to the water and mix it up to make the sauce. I let those cook for 2 minutes to soften and kind of separate the noodles amongst the sauce in the pan. I’ll then tear the spinach directly into the water so it can wilt. After another minute or 2 [and the sauce has thickened], I’ll push the noodles and the sauce to one side of the pan and crack an egg directly into the pan. I then mix it around so it cooks up a bit and then combine it into the noodles and sauce. And, that’s it! Literally so easy. I saved a video on my Instagram highlights if you want to watch me make it!

This whole recipe has ~250 calories [actually probably a bit less since I factored in the whole serving of Chings even though we’re only using 1/2 the flavor packet], 7g of fat, 15g of carbs, and [the best] 28g of protein! It is so easy and delicious. The bit of spice from the hot garlic makes it ultra flavorful and you know you’re getting in greens, protein, and carbs.

In addition to this, I recently had a conversation with my girlfriends about protein and they were so curious as to why I eat as much as I do [I aim for absolutely no less than 60g a day but hope for 75-90g]. I just feel so much better when I fill up on protein! I’m more energized, can give more during my workouts, and feel fuller longer. This article is helpful at explaining the benefits of proteins. That said, I figured I’d share some of my favorite sources of protein:

1.) Eggs – duh. One egg has 6g alone. You have to watch out for cholesterol in eggs, but this is one of my favorite sources!

2.) Shrimp – Another good one but another one that can be high in cholesterol so I usually limit my consumption to once a week here. 3 oz of shrimp can have 20g of protein!

3.) Collagen Peptides – No explanation needed. But if you do, go here.

4.) Protein bars – I’m currently loving the Chewy Protein bars from Costco [they taste like candy!]. These have 10g are a great, on-the-go option.

5.) Chia seeds – I always add these to my smoothies and 2 TBSP can have 5g [not to mention a good dose of fiber!].

6.) Chicken – I eat chicken almost daily and it is so high in protein. One chicken breast can have up to 50g!

7.) Oatmeal – While oatmeal can come in many shapes and sizes, it is a go-to in our house. You can see how I doctor pre-made packets up in this post. One packet alone has 4g, which can be bulked up by adding protein powder, peanut butter, chia seeds, etc.

8.) Tuna – I know, this is a polarizing one. I myself love me some tuna salad [my recipe is on my EATS highlight on Instagram] and 1 can has 27g! I swear by Wild Planet. Trust me, once you have that, you’ll never have anything else.

9.) Brussel Sprouts – I love brussels roasted with a bit of balsamic vinegar and EBTB seasoning. 1 cup can have 4g.

10.) Greek yogurt – While this is one I don’t reach for too often because the carbs can be high based on the brand, this is a great, clean option to get in some protein. Siggis is my favorite brand and can have up to 15g in one cup! This makes for a great end of the day treat if you want something sweet but not a full on dessert.

I hope this helpful! In addition to my ramen recipe, these are 10 other ways I get my protein in daily. I truly have noticed a difference since I started paying more attention to/upping my daily protein intake. As always, I am not a doctor so consult yours before making any massive changes to your diet, but if you’re cleared to make a move like this, I hope you feel the benefits that I have!

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