Recent Empties

It’s been a minute since I shared an empties round-up, and I’ve gone through a LOT of products lately, so I figured it was time. There’s a lot of new skincare here, as well as some old favorites, so let’s dive in!

Trader Joe’s Dry Shampoo: This is an everlasting gobstopper, you guys! It’s $5 and lasted me MONTHS! It smelled amazing and really did soak up oils. This is a super random find that turned into a great one. I’m working through a couple other cans right now, but I would definitely repurchase this.

Cutex Strength-Shield Nail Polish Remover: I’m a full acetone girly when it comes to removing nail polish, and this did the trick for me. Can’t beat the $2 price tag, either!

Provence Glow Up Serum: I bought this on a whim at the checkout at Ulta and I really enjoyed this. It does have that vitamin c stank, but the consistency is really nice and the trial actually lasted me a while! I’m not sure I’ll go back to this soon just because I’m working through some other serums, but if you’re in the market for a new Vitamin C, give this a go.

Crest 3D White: I am not loyal to toothpaste but both Mike and I really liked this one. My teeth definitely felt clean and I did feel it did a decent job of whitening.

Olio e Osso Nourishing Face Oil: This was another random yet amazing find. My sister said my skin visibly looked younger while using this! It is a proper oil, so I don’t need it now during summer, but I will definitely repurchase this for winter! I want to try other stuff from this line, too.

Suave Rosemary + Mint Deodorant: I’ve been trying to be better about my deodorants and aim for aluminum-free, and the price was right on this one. I thought the smell was fresh and I appreciated it’s list of ingredients it did not use.

Repeat Empties: Garnier Micellar Water // Neutrogena Hydro Boost // L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara // L’Oreal Le Gloss // Flamingo Razor // Wet n Wild Eyebrown Pencil // L’Oreal Collagen Moisturizer // Amazon Santal Diffuser Oil

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