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I really enjoyed doing this post last time so since I had more empty products, I thought I’d do another volume. Because of my day job, I get to try a ton of beauty products and I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve used up and what I truly think of each product. These products actually happened to all be skincare this go and some I loved and some I didn’t. Because I haven’t been leaving the house much, I haven’t put any big dents in hair or makeup items. I have, however, been taking extra good care of skin. Blame winter, blame my newfound hermit lifestyle, but I really put in the time and steps each day to ensure my skin is feeling fresh. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you have any suggestions on things I should try!


Body Shop Tea Tree Towelettes – I am a huge lover of towelettes. I am ultra lazy when it comes to makeup removal so towelettes are life for me. I try a ton of different kinds so these intrigued me. I won’t lie; these are not my favorite. They have a very strong tea scent but are surprisingly dry. They didn’t do a great job at removing my makeup but my skin was just left smelling like tea tree. If you’re just looking for a quick refresher, these will do the job, but they didn’t deliver for me on much else. I talk about my favorite towelettes in this post, and I’ll be going back to those now.L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Overnight Mask – I LOVE this mask. This product is great for those of you that love the idea of face masks but don’t have the patience to sit with one on and wash it off. This product works by penetrating your skin overnight and delivering the results while you sleep. I will say it does have a pretty strong scent and an unusual texture, but once you get past that it does work wonders. My skin always feels super firm the morning after using it.

Garnier  SkinActive Ultra-Lift Wake-Up Cream – I bought this on a whim as the name spoke to me as a new mama. A product that will help me wake up? YES PLEASE! I actually ended up loving this. But there’s a catch. I would actually recommend this product more as a primer than a moisturizer. My makeup went on super smooth after applying this! If you have oily skin, though, this might leave you a bit greasy. I have combo skin so this was perfect for me. It hydrated me where I needed and left my skin feeling smooth and even everywhere else. If you’re a primer junkie or love experimenting with moisturizers, I’d give this a whirl, but I’d definitely recommend trying it under foundation.

L’Oreal Ideal Go Clean 360* Exfoliating Cleanser – This is my ride-or-die cleanser. I’m pretty sure I’ve been using this since high school. The scent itself is comforting for me. Ever since I got pregnant, I started breaking out for basically the first time in my life, and this has helped keep the zits at minimum. THe little scrubbers help to remove makeup and keep my skin polished and clean. It gets foamy but not an overwhelming, obnoxious amount like some cleansers I’ve tried. At under $5, this is truly my holy grail cleanser.

Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Belly Butter – I know, I know. I haven’t had a pregnant belly in over 3 months. But that’s how long this jar has lasted me! Given that my son was born 2.5 months early, though, I’d say a tub of this would last the duration of a *normal* pregnancy. I loved this product. I used it post-partum on all my stretchmarked and sagging areas and the tub literally just ran out. If you’re an expecting mama I’d recommend this butter.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – This is my all-time holy grail skincare product. I think I’ve used 3 or 4 tubes of this over the last few years. It really does solve any skin issue I have. Redness, acne, dullness, it fixes it all. It’s a tad expensive but oh, so worth it in my opinion. It smells amazing and putting it on actually helps to signal my brain that it’s bedtime (thanks, lavendar). I cannot recommend this product enough.

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