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Stay At Home Must-Haves

Hi guys. While I’d normally say Happy Monday, I know that these are unusual circumstances. Schools, restaurants, heck, entire cities are being shut-down while “social distancing” is being encouraged. Mike and I are both WFH this week [and possibly longer; I always work from home but his company has now mandated it] and we’re keeping Dillon home from school in an attempt to limit our interactions and stop the spread of COVID-19. So, I thought I’d share a round-up of things around our house that will help keep us safe and cozy during this lock-in that can all be ordered online [mostly on Prime!]. It’s important to keep our homes as sanctuaries and also continue to support the economy [if it’s in your means] while we all navigate this crazy time together. My family and I are priviledged that this is not affecting our day-to-day livlihood from a monetary standpoint, so we’re doing our civic duty and STAYING HOME! So, let’s dive into what will help to keep our sanity this week.


Bamboo Sheets + Down Pillows + Silk pillowcases: These are two Amazon finds that are super affordable and have INCREDIBLE quality! These sheets feel so amazing and are under $30 a set! I really don’t understand how. And these pillows are so supportive and comfortable. I’ve thrown out all our other pillow and only use these now. The pillowcases are pricey but a game changer for your skin and hair.

Essential oil diffuser + Santal oil: I need my home to smell good in order to feel at peace. I love my diffuser [talked about it more in this post] and definitely believe in the power of essential oils.

Extra-long Apple chord: It’s not secret that being at home means more screen time. These extra-long charging cords allow for freedom while still getting your devices ready for use.

Acrylic trays: Now is a great time to get your house in order and having these acrylic trays for organizing make such a difference. Read more about them in this post.


Elderberry Gummies: These have been a critical addition to Dillon’s routine that I truly believe has kept him healthy this cold/flu season. We will continue to give him these, especially now. He loves them and calls them “treats”!

Superfood blend: Building up our immune systems is so important, so I love adding [tasteless] powders like this to smoothies, sauces, etc to up our intake of all the good stuff.

Sodastream: I love this as a sustainable option for sparkling water. Staying hydrated will be key, so this helps keep it fun.

Liquid Chlorophyll: I add this to hot tea or into smoothies for an extra punch of greens. Read more about the benefits of chlorophyll here.

Smoothie cups: While Dillon is home, we definitely will be having our regular green smoothie [see recipe here] so these cups are great for him to carry around.


Facial Moisturizer: Keeping skin healthy and hydrated will be really important while you are staying around the house. I love this moisturizer that has collagen in it.

Brush Cleaning Mat: While you’re home, this is a great time to clean all your makeup brushes. I use this mat with a mix of Dawn liquid soap + olive oil to clean my brushes.

Exercise bands: While staying away from the gym, at-home workouts are a great way to stay in shape while stuck at home. Using bands is a game-changer. Read more about that here.

Micro-fiber cloths: These are a sustainable and easy way to keep your skin cleansed. I swear by them.

Blue-light glasses: Again, screen time is going to be inevitable while stuck at home, so I love wearing these blue-light glasses to protect my eyes from the harms of all the screens.

Essie Gel Couture: Stay away from nail salons and paint your nails with this no-chip system that I swear by! I get 7-10 days from this polish and they have a ton of beautiful colors.


Tie-dye sweatshirt: I’ve been living in this thing lately. For under $10, it’s a comfy and chic way to lounge at home.

Slippers: I always have cold feet so cozy slippers are key for putzing around the house. You can always find me sporting these while watching Netflix.

Cute pajamas: It can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of college t-shirts and your boyfriends pajama pants when at home, but I love cute jammies to lounge in, be comfortable, but not feel like a slob. I have and love this set and this set [both under $30]


Magnet puzzle: If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me rave about this. Dillon will play the longest and most independently with this toy. It encourages creative thinking, rule following, and strategy/order. I cannot recommend it enough.

Alphabet puzzle: While he’s getting a bit old for it now [he has it memorized], this is a great early learning tool for your toddlers. This was included in this post.

Wagon: Getting fresh air [6 feet away from others] will be crucial while social distancing, so this wagon is a great way to to get your kids on a walk so you can all get some exercise. We love this thing.

Water Wow Books: These are great to pass some time for your toddlers. It’s mess-free and Dillon loves watching the colors appear.

Bounce House: If you’re able financially and spatially, I cannot recommend a bounce house enough. Especially now, we’re going to have to get creative with energy expulsion, and Dillon can bounce for a very long time, burn off some zoomies, and save our sanity all at the same time. Ours has paid for itself tenfold over the years.

So, there you have it. Products for the whole family that will all help us through these next few days/weeks at home. Let me know if there’s something you swear by to keep you comfy, safe, and sane at home. I hope this was helpful!

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