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The Supplements I Take To Feel My Best

Now more than ever I feel the utmost need to prioritize my health. Ever since starting my wellness journey, I’ve been open to trying new supplements to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need to stay healthy and strong. I wanted to share the few things that are in my rotation that give me energy, protection, and peace of mind, especially during this COVID environment. Please note that these are all in addition to an everyday multi-vitamin, which is the first step in this process. Mine isn’t anything fancy [I just use the Simple Truth women’s multi from Kroger] but it is important to start there.

Collagen Peptides: It’s no secret that I love turning to Collagen Peptides not only for protein but for the added hair/skin/nails/joint benefit. I recently shared ways I use this for my whole family and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon.

Vitamin D: At my last well check at my GP, I had the routine bloodwork panel done to identify any potential issues or area where I’m lacking. My doctor noticed a pretty significant Vitamin D deficiency [which apparently disproportionately affects people of color], so he started me on an ultra strong prescription for 6 weeks and then advised I add a supplement into my normal routine after that. I’m currently loving the Hum Nutrition ones as they’re easy to swallow and affordable.

B-12: I love adding this into my regimen for energy. I genuinely notice a difference on days I don’t take this. These are super affordable and OTC so super easy to get your hands on. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, definitely research B12 and how it could benefit you.

Probiotic: Ever since Dillon was a baby and sick ALL THE TIME, I incorporated a probiotic into both his and I’s diets. Not only is it good for your gut, it also helps boost immunity, which can never hurt. I’m currently taking this one from Honu that I got from Grove Collaborative, but I also really enjoyed Lovebug probitioic options.

Melatonin: Historically I’m a pretty good sleeper. I can fall asleep fast and know I need 7-8 hours to operate at my best. The stress and uncertainty of the last year threw a bit of a wrench in that, so I grabbed some gummies to take on nights I know I want/need a good, deep sleep. I’m currently loving Hims&Hers. [update: I’m not religiously taking melatonin gummies anymore, but I do rotate between CBD Oil / Oxy-Powder [which are powered by Magnesium]/ Ashwaganda to help facilitate de-stressing and deep sleep. I recommend any of those routes].

In addition to these, I make sure I’m getting good vitamins and minerals from my diet [like from having my go-to green smoothie daily]. Fiber-rich and Vitamin C foods also make my body really happy. If you’re looking for extra immune support, I’d also recommend elderberry. I’ve linked a few extra detox/energy supplements in the widget that I’ve taken in the past, too. I hope this was helpful and inspired you to take inventory of what your body needs and get to it. Stay healthy, friends!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I’m merely sharing what works for me and my body. Always consult your physician before incorporating anything new into your diet!

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