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One of the questions I get most from readers is about shopping on sites like SheIn. I’ve worked with SheIn pretty much since I started blogging and I truly do love working with them. They offer all the coolest styles at super affordable prices. I mentioned in a recent post that my style is trending more neutral and I’m finding myself buying fewer but better things. I once read a quote that said “I wish I could trade in my 50 Forever 21 tops for a YSL bag”. I think that’s so true. As I get older, I find it more important to invest in things that will last a while rather than throw away money on things that I won’t like in a year. But, that’s not to stay I don’t like to try out the latest trends. Enter SheIn. They have so many great pieces at attainable prices. You can try out what’s hot right now without breaking the bank. Their quality is surprisingly good, too, which makes me comfortable spending there. I’ve even had SheIn pieces outlast Old Navy and Forever 21 pieces in my closet! I enjoy mixing high + low-end pieces and this allows me to do that. You can see some of my favorite posts featuring SheIn here, here, and here. Below I’m going to outline my top 5 tips for shopping a site like this and some of my favorite pieces/posts from them. This post isn’t sponsored (although all the pieces featured were gifted to me), but I just wanted to share honest thoughts about my experience and how I navigate shopping there. Leave a comment if any questions went unanswered and I’d be happy to help!1.) Go in with realistic expectations – These items aren’t going to be the highest, designer quality. You will get what you pay for. If you go in with that mentality, you’ll be surprised with how decent the items are!
2.) Read the sizing charts – This is probably the most important rule. Know your measurements, not just size. That will ensure everything will fit you properly. I’d pay particular attention to bust and hip size.
3.) Read the reviews / look at the photos – Readers can post reviews and photos of what the item actually looks like. I always look at those before ordering anything. More often than not, it really is what it says and they’ll even provide sizing info. Every now and then, though, someone will post that the item is very different than the stock photo, which is helpful to know.
4.) Utilize the search bar – This will make your experience so much less daunting. If you want a white off-the-shoulder top, you’ll never find it if you just click ‘tops’. Be specific when searching. It’ll narrow down your results and bring up what you actually are looking for.
5.) Use the sort option – Once you’ve searched what you’re looking for, sort by what your needs are. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, sort lowest to highest. If you want to spend a little to ensure there’s some more quality there, sort highest to lowest. I often search by recommended, as that will show me the most relevant to what I’m looking for, regardless of price.


Dress — see it styled in a post here


Lace Top — full post here


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Jacket — full post here
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