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Top 7 Buys Of The Last 7 Months

We officially started staying fully home on March 16, so it’s officially been 7 months of this crazy year completed. We’re still mostly staying home with the extremely occasional [like once a month] drink or meal outside or trip to Costco. I’ve shared a few of my favorite things in posts like this, this, and this, but I thought it’d be fun to share the BEST things I’ve bought/received that have brought joy to my life.

Tory Burch Face Masks – My MIL got me these as part of my birthday gift and they are by far the best masks I’ve tried. Since then I’ve turned around and bought more to gift to my girlfriends because they’re that good. They’re $35 for 5 and adjustable, so comfortable, and cute. Even Dillon prefers wearing these because they stay up so well! A more affordable runner up is this set, but the TB ones are worth every penny.

Sleeping Pillows – These are under $20 and LEGIT feel like clouds. I look forward to climbing into bed each night because I know how luxurious they feel. We have the King size and I’m obsessed. I would pay $100 each for these but they are so affordable.

Fittrack Scale – I am obsessed with this thing. It gives you so many cool stats and it’s been fun to track my fitness journey this year on metrics beyond just the actual weight. I love tracking my water weight, protein, and muscle mass, in particular!

The Laundress detergent – This is another little luxury that has turned our room into a nice oasis. I only use this on our linens [bed sheets, pillows, bath towels, and hand towels] but it is the most wonderful scent that isn’t overpowering but makes me feel like I’m collapsing into a hotel bed after a long day [ugh remember hotels]. It’s pricey but has been lasting me forever since I only use it sparingly.

Airpods – These have been such a godsend this year. Mike and I are both working from home now so I love being able to listen to my music/podcasts while I work without disturbing him. They’re also great for wearing during walks/workouts, or even while I’m just putzing around the house cleaning and organizing.

Black belt bag – I wear this thing for errands, to take D to the park, or when I go on my 5 mile walks on Friday, and it’s perfect. It’s not the chicest thing in the world, but it’s under $20 [I think I paid $10], has tons of room, but is still super comfortable to wear. If you’re not in on this trend yet, climb aboard, because it really is so practical.

Stone Earth Non-Stick Pan – I know everyone is raving about the our place pan right now [which I do eventually want], but after scoring this one, I’m going to ride this out until I can’t. Literally nothing sticks to it [even eggs without butter] and it is SO easy to clean. We leave this out on our stove since we use it constantly.

So there you have it. These are all things that I use daily/weekly that have made the last 7 months [mostly] at home productive. A few honorable mentions go out to this carpet spot treatment, these sleep gummies, these no-show socks, and our SodaStream. What have you bought this year that’s made life a little more bearable?! Let me know!

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