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Hi guys, hope you’re all hanging in there. Life lately has been a LOT between COVID still raging, gun violence, women’s reproductive rights being taken away, a death in our family, and just the general *gestures wildly* of it all. We were fortunate to be able to escape up north to spend some time on the lake with Mike’s mom and stepdad. It is truly so fun up there and we were able to laugh and enjoy each other’s company on the boat, jet ski, tubes. I always like to share posts of our travels, not just for posterity, but to compile all my outfits in one place for easy inspo/reference. These trips are truly lake like for us in the sense that I pack very little makeup [here are the 5 products I packed: ] and we basically change from swimsuits to dresses to PJs.

Boat Day

kimono [old from target; similar here] // shorts // swim [similar here] // sandals [save option here] // sunnies

Trip to New Glarus

dress [similar here] // similar sandals // sunnies

Boat Day

swimsuit [wearing size S; TTS] // sweatshirt [wearing a M for oversized fit] // pineapple float

Boat Day

similar swim // shorts // SPF + Facial Oil

Dinner at North Shore Chop House

dress [wearing a S, runs big] // similar sandals

Casey’s Breakfast Pizza + Boat Day

swim [wearing a S, runs tight] // dress // sandals

So, there you have it. Lots and lots of time on the water and a couple fun outings for good food and drinks. While nothing I wore was earth-shattering, I really loved all my swimsuits and they’re all super affordable. As always, you can find the details organized by outfit in the LTK app if you prefer that.

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