What I’ve Read Lately – Vol VI

Happy New Years Eve! I thought for my last post of the year I’d round up the books I’ve read recently. I really dedicated 2018 to getting back to reading, and boy did I dive back in! I read a total of 34 books [which beat my goal of 12 out of the water] and, while some were better than others, I fully enjoyed the ride. You can see my previous roundups here, here, here, here, and here. Today’s is a bit more short and sweet but I wanted to get these out there.

When The Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

Summary: This book is about a young girl who slowly begins spiraling after the death of her mother. She sets out on her own and uncovers all sorts of mysteries and facts about her life that seem too crazy to be true. You’re taken on the journey of whether what she’s experiencing is real or a symptom of her grief. 

Would I Recommend It: Oh gosh, that’s tough. While the story itself was interesting and kept me turning the page, the ending was SO unsatisfying that I was almost mad. It felt like a waste of time to endure the whole thing for that. I’ve noticed that Kubica’s works are often like that. The story itself is so gripping but the ending leaves you wanting WAY more.

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

Summary: This book follows Stephanie, a blogger whose best friend, seemingly perfect Emily, goes missing. Stephanie then teams up with Emily’s husband Sean to uncover what happened to their beloved Emily. This story takes you on a ride that uncovers secret pasts and hidden agendas that will blow your mind. Where is Emily and why did she disappear the way she did?

Would I Recommend It: This book was WILD! I initially read it because I wanted to watch the movie due to Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick being cast. I have yet to see the movie but I cannot wait now that I’ve finished the book. My jaw dropped more than a few times during this story. While the ending was somewhat predictable, it was still a delicious read. This is a great book to take on a beach vaca or just when you want something fun to dive into. So, yes, I would recommend it.

Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult

Summary: This is the story of Willow, a little girl with brittle bone syndrome. Her family has to go through a lifetime of hardship due to her diagnosis that involved broken bones constantly. When Willow’s mother is presented the opportunity to sue her OB-GYN for not diagnosing Willow’s condition in-utero in enough time for her to make a decision on carrying the pregnancy to term, she takes it. What follows is an explosion of emotion in her own family, the public, and Willow herself. This story is all about motherhood and the choices you make to protect the ones you love more than anyone.

Would I Recommend It: Jodi Picoult is one of my absolute favorite authors and this one did not disappoint. This story was gripping, devastating, and politically relevant right now. I cried so many tears reading this. Picoult always does a fantastic job researching her topics and covering every angle of the situation at hand. This story moved me in so many ways and really evoked so many emotions you go through as a parent. I highly, highly recommend this one, especially if you’re a Picoult fan.

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