May Empties

This month we actually left Cincinnati TWICE and it was glorious to get a change of scenery! Now that we and our loved ones are all fully vaccinated, I’m excited to start having plans again. Let’s dive into what I finished up this month, as there was a lot of old favorites but some new gems, as well!

Lancome Genefique mask: This sheet mask is a TREAT! I normally go for the Garnier ones for day-to-day, but this one is truly luxurious. All the reviews speak for themselves. There is so much essence in these and they fit my face perfectly. The price point is steep but if you’re looking for a nice self-care gift for yourself or a loved one, toss one of these babies in.

Simple Truth Multivitamin: I needed an everyday multivitamin so I grabbed these from Kroger and they did the job. They are affordable, organic, and a good one-and-done. I will repurchase these.

Cheers pills: Ah, these babies. The elusive hangover pill. I saw TIBAL post about these so I had to try them. I do think they work! Obviously you couldn’t know what you would’ve felt like without them, but every time I’ve taken them, I’ve been good to go the next day. They’re pricey so I reserved them for nights I knew I was going hard and/or had a busy day ahead. I will probably repurchase these in the future.

Venus razor: This was in my travel toiletry bag and it was time to toss it. It is a fine razor, but honestly, I just bought a second Billie with the travel case. I swear there’s no going back.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Sponge: This is the best “beauty blender” EVER. It’s $5 and gets HUGE. It blends everything in perfectly. I’m obsessed. I swore I had written about this before but I couldn’t find it. I know this is my second one of these. I’m currently using a different one I got in PR, but I will for sure repurchase this again.

Repeat Empties: Colgate White // Dr Plotkas Toothbrush c/o // Woolzies Essential Oils // Smarty Pants Probiotic // Billie Razor Cartridge

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