My Secret Weapon For Keepings Grays at Bay [@ home]

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that my grays have gotten out of control over the last year. I’m sure between the general stress/anxiety of living during the pandemic, plus only seeing my hairstylist once in the last year, it’s just so, so bad. Every time I flip my camera on for IG Stories, I cringe. While I’ve sworn by this for spot checks, I finally got fed up and wanting something with a bit more, ahem, coverage. I am NOT good with box dye. In the past I’ve had girlfriends do it for me because it just scares me. Plus, it’s not the best thing for your hair. I had started looking into glosses as a temporary solution, and when I saw L’Oreal came out with this one for $15 [that has 3 uses in it!], I knew I wanted to give it a go. I got the shade Black since I’m currently fully at my natural hair color.


I can’t believe I’m showing this. This is a makeup-free, filter-free, look at my crazy grays. You can see they have no real pattern, are worse on one side, and go all the way down my head. I wanted something that would easily cover the whole top of my head but that I could also work through the lengths at the bottom. I know my roots are kinky AF but honestly the only thing that fixes that is Keratin treatments, which I haven’t had in 6 months. C’est la vie.


After reading the directions, I got in the shower and did my normal shampoo, wonder water, and conditioner routine. Then, I squeezed out probably a golf ball size of the gloss and concentrated most on the roots and then pulled some down. Not going to lie, my shower looked insane! The box recommended wearing gloves but I did not do that. I jut washed my hands after and the dye did rise off the walls/floor of my shower with no problem. Then, I waited the 15 minutes it recommended. I will say, 15 minutes to stand in the shower is A LONG time. Maybe I’m just a fast showerer? Anyway, next time I might draw a bath or something to pass the time better, but now I know. Once I rinsed it out, I dried my hair off with an old dark shirt just in case, but I don’t think anything transferred. Then I applied this and brushed through with this new brush [that I LOVE]. I then let it air dry and straightened as usual.


I’m shocked!! It is so shiny and the grays are mostly covered. It does say I have to do this once a week, but that’s fine because I only wash my hair once a week anyhow. For $5 a week [I might even try to stretch it to every other wash], it’s much more economical than coloring at the salon every 6 weeks [not to mention safer during COVID], plus I can do it in my own shower with no mixing or hassle! I am super impressed. I will say if you have highlights/balayage, this probably won’t work that well for you, but if your hair is all one color I’d definitely recommend giving this a go either to color grays or just give your hair some nice dimension and shine. I won’t lie and say it covered every gray, but it definitely did a few and muted down their ultra silver tones for sure. Brava L’Oreal, this is a good one.

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