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Sustainability Favorites

I’ve found myself making more and more changes around my life and home that gear towards sustainability. The more news I read/consume, the more concerned I get about the state of our planet. So, I figured that when I can make a change, I might as well. Here are some things I’ve bought/incorporated into my routine lately that make a small but tangible difference.


I have tried to limit my candle purchasing in favor of diffusing essential oils. This oil in particular smells AMAZING [just like Le Labo!] for a fraction of the price per use. Reed diffusers are also a great alternative to candles that last much longer. In addition, I have tried to limit my use of dryer sheets in favor of wool balls that I drop some lavender essential oil on.


Instead of going out for coffee/tea/smoothies or buying cases and cases of canned sparkling water, I rely on my blender, Ninja coffee bar, mason jars, traveling coffee mugs, and sodastream to eliminate waste but still enjoy my favorite beverages.


I’ve tried to find a few things that will help in other areas that I used to use a LOT of in each scenario, like grocery bags and makeup wipes. These reusable totes and microfiber cloths made a huge difference in that department. I also invested in glass bowls with lids for leftovers rather than wasting paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or whatever else I’d store leftovers with/in. Glass or plastic straws are also great alternatives to paper straws that can be placed right in the dishwasher. While this doesn’t necessarily help the environment, I love buying fake eucalyptus to save my wallet the expenditure of grabbing fresh every week. While you don’t get the scent benefit [that’s what oil diffusers are for!], you still get the visual aesthetic.

So, there’s a pretty comprehensive list of things that I currently use to help save mother earth but still indulge in my everyday frivolities. Let me know if you have any other recommendations of things I may love that cater to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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